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Fulfill your quest for knowledge with our science and building kits and more. We supply you with a variety of science and building based kits and experiments to fulfill both yours and your child's hungry minds. Our selection of products are handpicked by popular manufacturers such as Educational Insights and Ugear to fit your every science and building need. Come into the store to view our wide selection or see our limited online collection.



    The perfect microscope for beginning scientists Get kids excited about exploring scientific subjects Magnifies up to 600x Includes: vials, tweezers, hand magnifier, 2 prepared slides, and cover slips Age 8+ Grade 2-8

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  • UGEARS Globus UGEARS Globus

    UGEARS Globus

    At Ugears, we like to think that each of our new models is a wonderful surprise and amazing gift to anybody who loves beautiful mechanics. We want to give more with every model we invent. With this model, Ugears gives you – quite literally –...

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  • UGEARS Carousel UGEARS Carousel

    UGEARS Carousel

    Round and round and back to where it's all begun… Take a trip to your childhood memories with Ugears beautiful nostalgic model, the Carousel, the classic merry-go-round implemented in top-quality sustainable wood. Here you will find two...

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  • UGEARS V-Express Steam Train UGEARS V-Express Steam Train

    UGEARS V-Express Steam Train

    Unleash your inner engineer with the UGears V-Express Steam Train with Tender. Enter the world of innovation and invention when you spend some time working both your mind and your hands to assemble this classic wooden building set. Featuring wooden...

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  • UGEARS U-Fidget Happy New Gear UGEARS U-Fidget Happy New Gear

    UGEARS U-Fidget Happy New Gear

    UGears U-Fidgets Happy New Gear (Tribiks), the unique 4 sets of the individual miniature models/ornaments (4 tribiks in each set) for grown-ups and kids which are made entirely from wooden materials and assemble easily without glue or toothpicks...

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  • UGEARS Bike/VM-02 UGEARS Bike/VM-02

    UGEARS Bike/VM-02

    Feeling like you’ve been quite a couch-potato lately? Has life been a bit too comfortable and twice as boring? Drop it now – because the spirit of the road is calling upon you. Get your leather jacket on and absorb the exhilaration of total...

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  • Compass Binoculars Compass Binoculars

    Compass Binoculars

    GeoSafari® Compass Binoculars Observe and navigate the great outdoors with these lightweight, high-tech, soft-grip binoculars! o 4x Magnification with built-in compass and attached neck strap o Large 30 mm glass lenses and an easy-turn central...

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  • Pocket Scope Pocket Scope

    Pocket Scope

    GeoSafari® Pocket Scope Double the fun with a telescope and a microscope in a pen-sized scope! 8x Telescope and 30x microscope in one Supports bird-watching and other outdoor life science activities Supports: Use simple science tools to...

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  • Kidnoculars Kidnoculars


    GeoSafari® Jr. Kidnoculars(TM) The only binoculars designed specifically for little kids! Enlarged, focus-free eyepieces--more than three times the size of ordinary binoculars--and perfect-fit goggles with placement guide enable kids (even toddlers)...

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  • Jumbo Magnifier Jumbo Magnifier

    Jumbo Magnifier

    Scientific exploration and investigation of plants, animals and insects! Observe more detail with these 4.5x magnifiers. The lens is 4.5 inches in diameter, allowing you to view a larger surface area, while the slim handles make these tools a good fit...

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  • Math Whiz Math Whiz

    Math Whiz

    Video game fun meets the learning power of flash cards! Features fast-paced game play with 8 skill levels to keep kids challenged Quizzes kids on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division Provides instant feedback on LCD screen and...

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  • Antique Box Model Kit Antique Box Model Kit

    Antique Box Model Kit

    Scroll down to view video. Delicate, and beautiful, the Antique Box from Ugears is designed to keep your treasures safe – and to become a treasure of your collection. The Antique box is a small handsome chest for storing small miscellanea or...

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  • Butterfly Model Kit Butterfly Model Kit

    Butterfly Model Kit

    Scroll down to view video. Fascinated by the unique synergy of nature and mechanics, Ugears continues to explore the amazing world of automatons and presents its latest mechanical pet, the Butterfly model. The Butterfly is not a static stand...

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  • Date Navigator Model Kit Date Navigator Model Kit

    Date Navigator Model Kit

    Scroll down to view video. Your journey into adventure and new discoveries. UGears Date Navigator comes with a 27 year lifespan of new discoveries. This model with its beautiful steampunk planetary mechanism will allow you to see into the future. It...

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  • Dynamometer Model Kit Dynamometer Model Kit

    Dynamometer Model Kit

    Scroll down to view video. UGears Dynamometer is a dynamic and unique model. It operates using the pneumatic principle by making use of air to wow the user. This UGears model operates by transforming air pressure into motion. When you blow onto the top...

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  • Theater Model Kit Theater Model Kit

    Theater Model Kit

    Scroll down to view video. UGears Mechanical Theater is a fascinating and enigmatic model that brings to life the magic of the Theater. This model is a work of art and serves as a great souvenir.  When the wheel is spun you can see how heroes of...

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  • Safe Model Kit Safe Model Kit

    Safe Model Kit

    Scroll down to view video. UGears Safe is DIY heaven, and it draws its design inspiration from a real life safe closet box. This 3D IQ puzzle for adults consists of 179 parts that are fun to assemble without glue. The model allows you to create a...

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  • Flexi-Cubus Model Kit Flexi-Cubus Model Kit

    Flexi-Cubus Model Kit

    Scroll down to view video. The Flexi-Cubus is a mechanical model, an octasphere puzzle in the form of a steampunk skeleton cube made out of eight joint-connected spheres. This flexible connection allows the spheres to move and roll over one another...

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  • Tegu Pocket Pouch (Original)

    Tegu Pocket Pouch (Original)

    "Click-Clack".It's the iconic sound of two Tegu blocks coming together.  Tegu has reinvented the wooden block in a way that brings new life to a favored classic.  Let the magical combination of magnets and beautiful Honduran hardwoods push and...

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