• Kyrie Soft Red Panda

    Kyrie Soft Red Panda

    With his exotic markings, Kyrie the Soft Red Panda stuffed animal is an eye catching creature! At home in the mountainous forests of China and the Himalayas, Red Pandas spend their time up in the trees. Kyrie has a long tail to help him balance as he...

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  • Ursus DLux Polar Bear

    Ursus DLux Polar Bear

    Full of curiosity and a love for snow and ice, you’ll find that Ursus the DLux Polar Bear stuffed animal is well suited to his arctic home! His white plush fur is thick and glossy and allows him to stay warm in subzero temperatures. And when Ursus...

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  • Ozzy DLux Possum

    Ozzy DLux Possum

    Misunderstood but well meaning, Opossums are fascinating creatures and Ozzy our DLux Possum stuffed animal is no different! Our rendition of North America’s only marsupial features salt and pepper gray plush fur with realistic black tips. Large,...

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  • Rowan DLux Red Panda

    Rowan DLux Red Panda

    Only the youngest, most tender bamboo shoots will do, when it comes to Rowan the DLux Red Panda stuffed animal’s lunch! This arboreal species is right at home in the treetops of Nepal and China and has a long, fluffy tail to help them balance as...

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  • Lincoln DLux Brown Bear

    Lincoln DLux Brown Bear

    Lincoln the DLux plush Bear cub is an endearing forest friend! He’s just as eager to engage in a playful sparring match with you as he is to snuggle up and cuddle! Premium quality faux fur materials will catch the eye of the most discerning...

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  • Saffron DLux Leopard

    Saffron DLux Leopard

    Get spotted with Saffron, our DLux Leopard plush! An armful of exotic fun, this lovable cub is ready for a day of hugs and cuddles. Her beautifully marked coat has been crafted from plush materials so soft and decadent, they must be felt to be believed...

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  • Rita Gray Cat

    Rita Gray Cat

    Rita the Gray Cat stuffed animal loves nothing more than a quiet day indoors. Curling up with her favorite person is what she lives for and, with how soft and cuddly she is, Rita is always a welcome cuddle buddy! Designed for easy poseability and crafted...

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  • Tilly Chipmunk

    Tilly Chipmunk

    With hurry and a scurry Tilly the Chipmunk stuffed animal gathers tasty nuts and seeds to munch. Her bright chestnut coat is soft and silky and elegantly marked with realistic white and black stripes. Tilly’s tiny brown paws work quickly and her...

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  • Scatter Gray Cat

    Scatter Gray Cat

    A gentle soul, Scatter the Gray Cat stuffed animal would rather find someone to cuddle up with than be out roaming. His soft gray fur boasts an alluring silvery shine and he features handsome white markings on his face, chest, and paws. Scatter’s...

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  • Tater DLux Shar Pei

    Tater DLux Shar Pei

    Tater the DLux Shar-Pei stuffed animal features a breed specific design that will delight dog lovers of all ages! Wrinkles and rolls of decadently soft plush material depict the familiar appearance of this unique breed. His tipped over ears and playful...

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  • Fletcher DLux Red Fox

    Fletcher DLux Red Fox

    As nimble and resourceful as his wild brethren, Fletcher the Fox stuffed animal is a fleet and handsome creature. Designed with only the finest materials, this sumptuous plush Fox is part of our DLux collection. He features a coat of faux fur that...

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  • Montana Wolf

    Montana Wolf

    Snuggle up with our magnificent Montana the Wolf stuffed animal and you’ll find she’s the ultimate in wolfy cuddles! Decadent DLux quality materials with woodsy, natural colors make her fabulously soft and highly realistic. Montana’s...

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  • Wasabi DLux Panda

    Wasabi DLux Panda

    Soft and floppy and crafted with superior DLux plush fabric, Wasabi the Panda cub is irresistibly engaging! His rich, amber colored eyes are surrounded by dark facial markings for an expressive appearance that will have Panda lovers swooning...

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  • Emmett Dlux Panda - Douglas

    Emmett Dlux Panda - Douglas

    Emmett’s endearing face will first melt your heart, then steal it away! It features the classic black and white markings of the beloved Panda Bear and sweet brown eyes. This cuddly stuffed animal is part of our DLux plush collection which showcases...

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  • Eddie Elk - Douglas

    Eddie Elk - Douglas

    Known for their majestic size and appearance, we’ve managed to capture this handsome creature in one cute, compact package with our mini plush Elk, Eddie! Crafted in buttery soft Kohair materials, Eddie is a delightful pick-me-up. Realistic,...

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  • Clive Bulldog - Douglas

    Clive Bulldog - Douglas

    Brimming over with endearing Bulldog puppy charm, Clive is our plush rendition of this courageous breed! Developed in England in the Middle Ages, the Bulldog has become the laid back, playful family pet that we know today Clive’s design captures...

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  • Cheeks Bunny - Douglas

    Cheeks Bunny - Douglas

    Cheeks is a lovable baby Bunny stuffed animal who needs someone to look after him. With his large, dark eyes and floppy lop ears, there’s sure to be no shortage of volunteers! Our Bunny’s gray and white coat of plush fur is cloud soft and...

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  • Bert Ladybug - Douglas

    Bert Ladybug - Douglas

    Just ask Bert the plush Ladybug, not every Ladybug is a lady! This dapper fellow makes for an eye-catching sight with his bright, red wings and their jet black polka dots. A cheery grin and lively blue eyes bring Bert’s playful expression to life,...

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  • Betsy Floppy Cow - Douglas

    Betsy Floppy Cow - Douglas

    With her bold black and white spotted coat, Besty the Cow comes across as a cuddly plush rendition of a cookies and cream milkshake! As soft as she is sweet, Betsy is always inviting her fans to pick her up for hugs. A combination of ultra soft plush,...

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  • Niko DLux Wolf, Large

    Niko DLux Wolf, Large

    With his regal pose and a knowing glance of his golden eyes, Niko the extra large Wolf stuffed animal will enchant and captivate animal lovers young and old! Part of our DLux collection of premium plush animals, Niko is crafted in materials so sumptuous,...

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  • River DLux Great Pyrenees

    River DLux Great Pyrenees

    One look into the gentle brown eyes of River the Great Pyrenees and this plush puppy will win you over with her calm demeanor and huggable form. As part of our DLux collection of stuffed animal friends, River is made with unbelievably soft new designer...

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  • Balthezar Beagle

    Balthezar Beagle

    Run with our pack of hounds and we guarantee they’ll track down new smiles around every corner of the trail! Balthezar, our brown eyed Beagle puppy shows all the promise of the very best hunting dogs. With his eager personality and classic Beagle...

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  • Brushy Hamster

    Brushy Hamster

    In a flash of gold and white, Brushy the plush Hamster can be seen scurrying to and fro, collecting soft materials for his bedding or running in his hamster wheel. Whatever task you catch him at, this energetic little critter always seems to be busy!...

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  • Joey Gray Elephant Sshlumpie

    Joey Gray Elephant Sshlumpie

    Polka dots and stripes bring a playful appearance to Joey, our lovable Gray Elephant Sshlumpie plush toy. Part stuffed animal, part blankie, this lightweight and versatile toy is an ideal friend to take along on stroller rides or to cuddle up with when...

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  • Stanley Sloth Sshlumpie

    Stanley Sloth Sshlumpie

    Stanley the plush Sloth Sshlumpie is the ideal companion for Baby. Measuring 19” long, this machine washable soft toy’s unique design allows it to double as a blanket and a stuffed animal! Whether they’re placed out flat for Baby to lie...

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  • Orville Emperor Penguin, Large

    Orville Emperor Penguin, Large

    A native of the frigid Antarctic continent, the Emperor Penguin is the world’s largest penguin and our spectacularly realistic depiction of this beloved species certainly delivers! Our giant-sized plush Emperor Penguin, Orville, measures almost 3...

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